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Tours du Rhone

Custom Designed Wine Tours of the Cotes du Rhone 

We offer a unique approach to custom designing wine and vineyard tours of the legendary Rhone valley. Whether you are a first-time traveler, or a seasoned adventurer, you will get a first-hand, up-close and personal view of the Cotes du Rhone region; its wines, the winemakers, and the Provencal life of the French wine country.

Join me in Living the Dream

Vineyards of Gigondas Tours

DISCOVER the wine-growing region of the Southern Rhone valley, including Chateauneuf-du-Pape; Gigondas; the Cotes du Rhone and the Luberon Valley.

Tours of the Hill town of Seguret

ENJOY the Provencal landscape, food, markets and art, all while tasting the stunning red, crisp rose and dry, medium and sweet white wines of the area.

Tours of Cotes du Rhone vineyards

EMBRACE the region with the help of an American winemaker living in France.